About Us

Founded by Mr. Durgaprasad Agarwal’s profound vision since 1980, Duratex group is the leading global textile and garment manufacturers. Our expertise lies in providing woven shirting’s and ready-to-wear garments of supreme quality standards. Trust, timely service, innovation and consistency in delivering the best product have helped us earn a reputation worldwide. At Duratex, we are equipped with state of art machineries to produce the finest fabrics and garments.

Our Vision

With five manufacturing textile units equipped with state-of-art machinery and presence in domestic as well as international markets, we strive to expand further.

In 2015-16, we successfully upgraded and expanded Fabric plant with latest Dornier Airjet looms and Benninger Direct Warping and Sizing units. In early 2016, Garment plant was further expanded to cater growing demands of our existing supplier base. This stands as a proof to our philosophy of growth and the discovery of new business opportunities.

In two years down the line, Garment expansion plans are in place to further increase the capacities of existing product line and to add more product lines like Bottoms.

In addition to production capacity expansion, Duratex aims to venture into Online Retail space by launching their E-commerce specific brand targeting the youth age group by early 2017.

Our Team

Mr. Durgaprasad Agarwal is at the helm of the company's operations. Being the founder and leader he has raised the company to glorious heights. Today, Duratex stands firmly all due to his vision and headship.

A leader owes all his credit to the team that supports him. Mr. Narendra Agarwal, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and Mr. Vikas Agarwal being directors of the company, handle key roles in organization.

Mr. Vikas Agarwal's commendable efforts helped Duratex launch a new line of garments as Duratex Apparels. Company’s latest Director recruit Mr. Nikhil Agarwal will further help the company to venture in to Retails by establishing a youth Brand for E-commerce sales.

The management team is well supported by a competent workforce comprising of Marketing, Administration and well-qualified Technical Consultants. Apart from supervising the marketing, production, administration, finance, exports and other day-to-day activities of the company they also ensure that the employees remain satisfied at all times.

At Duratex, we sincerely believe that "employees make the organization". The first step to maintain healthy relations with others, begins by maintaining relations within the organization. We commend our employees who contribute selflessly towards achieving the company's goals and make sure they have successful careers with us.

Our Growth

Our growth is evident from Duratex’s impressive performance with numbers. Being a global textile company in the lead, our strategy is to maintain our financial status and stability by withstanding market volatilities. The long-lasting relations we share with our clients have mutually benefitted us over the years.

Known both domestically as well as internationally, our company’s vision is to expand further. We are on a constant look out for business opportunities, both domestic as well as international, to serve potential clients with effective textile solutions. In coming months, we are going to launch our own retail brand for Garments through E-commerce.

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